10 Tips for Beginners and Common Betting Mistakes

Have you heard about online sports betting and now want to discover this new world to have fun and, who knows, earn extra income? So you are not unique. Interest has been growing since 2018, when online betting was liberalized here in the UK. Since then, all the big 'players' of the online gaming industry have turned to the huge British market, bringing to the country a well diversified and high quality service offer.
There is no getting away from this reality: sports betting is here to stay, in a market that will grow in the coming years. And if you're researching tips for beginning bettors in football or other sports, chances are, the betting has captivated you to the point where you want to know a little more, because it's your money you're going to invest.
As with everything in life, having practice helps. So knowing how savvy gamblers bet will make your decision easier. If you want to learn a little more and become a bettor with a high probability of success, read these tips, which will help you when choosing your guesses.
There are several precautions you should take before opening your account at a bookmaker and making your first deposit. Among the tips for beginning gamblers is one that seems obvious to us: play for fun, not with the expectation of making a fortune and becoming a millionaire by placing bets. And let's start there, to increase your chances of winning money in sports betting.

Tip 1 for Beginners Betting: Sports Betting Should Have Fun

In our research on tips for novice gamblers, we didn't find this tip highlighted. And that's why we decided to start here. If you are a beginning gambler, you might make some mistakes. But don't be discouraged: you can prevent them by reading these tips, and even the most experienced punters don't always get it right. And as paradoxical as this may seem to you, this is the most exciting side of sports betting.
The uncertainty of the result, in football and in any sport, leads to the need for acumen in your bet. Gathering information will lead you to an informed bet. And an informed bet has a greater chance of success. In this chain of events, you have fun in the bookmakers. Never forget that this should be your main objective when looking for these sites. And this tip is for beginners and for the more experienced.

Tip 2 for Novice Bettors: Make sure the bookmaker is safe

Ready for fun? There are still a few steps to go before creating your account. You have to make sure that the sports betting site you are going to create an account on is secure. And this is a very easy step. Firstly, because this market is extremely scrutinized and there are several perfectly reliable review sites. Do your own research, visit forums, check the opinions of your friends who may know this market and rest assured that you are on safe ground.
But do not worry. If you are a beginner looking for tips for betting, you certainly already know the main bookmakers in the world. They base their activity on the user's safety and that is why they have become prestigious. Here are some bookmakers you can trust:
● Betano
● Bet365
● Dafabet
● Sportsbet
● Betsson
● Betfair
● Lsbet
● Sportbet
● Vbet
● NetBet
● 1xBet
The list could go on and on. There are many options on the market, even from lesser known bookmakers, for you to place your bets safely. However, never forget: don't take risks in this choice and only register if you are absolutely sure that the site is secure. You will have to make a deposit to bet, right? So your money deserves all the care.

Tip 3 for Beginning Gamblers: Be Disciplined

If you created your account and are going to start your adventure, you have to be rigorous, disciplined. Adopt an investor attitude, looking for the best market opportunities, setting goals. How much money do you want to earn in a day? Did you reach that goal? You should probably stop. While setting profit targets, it can also do the opposite: how much can you lose in a given period?
Discipline is a key factor in achieving success in all areas. Never forget to use this trump card to your advantage when placing your sports bets and looking to win money. Set goals, set the budget and maintain rigor. In this game, rigor must come in the first part of that game. Luck only arrives on Monday.
There are many gamblers losing money in an attempt to recover losses quickly. Never fall for that mistake. Don't even look for high odds for an “all or nothing”. If you ever get to that point, it's a good time to rethink your strategy and maybe take a break.

Tip 4 for Beginners: Gather as much information as possible

Assuming the first three tips have been thoroughly internalized, you're ready for fun. Or rather: you are ready for the next step, which involves collecting information. All experts advise you: an informed bet is much more likely to succeed. Ask yourself a few questions:
● What do I know about the event that captivated my bet?
● What do I know about the sport or the championship?
● What do I know about the football team or another? What moment is it going through?
● What do I know about factors that can determine an outcome?
There are numerous issues that determine the final outcome and that bypass the favoritism rule. In this regard, it is convenient to speak of statistics. The statistic does not guarantee results, but it is certainly a data that you should use, especially if you are a beginner gambler, but even if you are an experienced gambler. It is part of collecting information: never neglect the statistics, from the history between teams, to the moments that players go through. Always remember: math is part of the game.
As a tool, you can and should explore forums where there is information sharing, or sites with content from experts and geared towards gamblers. Alternatively, you can always search on search engines. There is no lack of good sites about sports betting, with various tips, betting guides, strategies, guides and all relevant information on this topic.
Never forget this tip: a bet with information about the event (and everything that surrounds it) is much more likely to succeed. Lower the luck percentage in your success and increase the knowledge percentage in your good performance. If you are new to sports betting, always keep the spirit of wanting to know more. If you're not a beginner, this tip will already be well inside.
Watching the games you bet on will also help you, in the same logic as the collection of information.

Tip 5 for New Players: Set Your Budget

Now you've created your account, you've started to understand how betting works, you've already understood that you need to be always informed. It's time to top up your account to start betting, right? Wrong actually. Wait a minute, because we haven't talked about the budget yet.
Your goal is to win money while having fun with the betting, but you have to always remember that there is a probability that your guess will fail. You must set your budget. Betting is fun, so always invest within your economic means and always keep abreast of the evolution of your bankroll.
When betting, set a percentage of your bankroll as a maximum cap. More experienced punters recommend a limit between 5% to 10% per bet. In this case, if a bet goes wrong you only lose 10% of your bankroll, keeping the other 90% to continue your betting fun.
When you get your bet right, then you can opt for a rule known to management. Let's imagine your initial deposit was 100. Your guesses were correct and now you look at your account and you see a bankroll of 200. You've already doubled your investment, right? So, you split it in half: you draw half and leave the other half to continue betting. As you have already drawn 100, everything you earn from now on is pure profit. And, you know, when you double that value again, just repeat the rule of splitting it in half.

Tip 6 for Beginners: Choose only one league

Football betting serves us as an example here. The Brit loves football and follows everything carefully. The players are the best in the world, the fans are exciting, the classics and rivalries make the whole environment around football even more festive. But do you know enough to make informed bets, as mentioned earlier?
You should limit your bets to just one market if you are a beginner. Efficiency increases if you limit your searches to a single league, rather than digging around collecting information about multiple tournaments you don't know about and then not being able to read and understand it all. Choose one league, just one, and stay on top of everything to have the greatest chance of success in your bets.
In your searches, you will find many 'experts' who know everything about every league, every team, every player. They follow the Serie B of the Brasileirão, they know everything about the German Bundesliga, they don't miss a game in the Argentinian league, they follow the championships in Mexico and the United States... Now you think: to know all this, when will they sleep? When do they have time to eat, to be with their family, to do their daily shopping? Be wary of someone who knows everything about everything.
Even journalists covering our Serie A have a hard time knowing everything about the competition and the teams. When you find tips that speak as much about one test as about 3 or 4 others, stick to it. Focus on just one league, the one you choose to follow to place your bets. In time, when you feel up to it, then you can consider adding a second championship to your roster. Of course, you can add other modalities. But you will have all the time in the world.

Tip 7 for New Players: Record Your History

Your bets are registered on the website of the bookmaker you use. In time, you will find that such information will be insufficient. One day you will think about whether to bet on your guess on team A and in this list of placed bets you will find the results, but not the situation of the team at the time you bet on it.
Thus, any beginning bettor should start right away by making his own record of the bets placed. And this is also true for more experienced bettors, even if they cannot recover the details of older bets. This is one more tool you can use to maximize your odds of success. And you can either make a spreadsheet in a notebook or in a computer program, such as Excel.
When placing a bet, record all the details of the bet:
● odds
● amount invested
● date
● final result of the bet
Now it's important: also record the reasons behind this bet. Thus, you adjust your sensitivity to details that can impact your bet results. For example, you may find that there is a time in the season when a team seems to be tired, making it more difficult to score goals and thus win their games. In this example, do you think it pays to bet on this team's victory? You might as well save your money for another guess with a greater chance of success.

Tip 8 for Beginners: Compare Bookmakers

You still remember how to choose a bookmaker, right? It has to be secure and provide all the tools you need to invest in your hunches. But you don't have to be limited to just one bookmaker. Within the budget you set (we've covered that too, remember?), you can choose to use two or three bookmakers.
What is the advantage of this? Get the most out of specific services. One bookmaker may have more favorable odds for a team that plays away from home, but another may pay off on corner or card bets. Just as you have to find out about the markets you are going to bet on, you also need to compare the available offers, in order to place your bets with more favorable odds.
The same goes for live betting. Are you watching the game and do you believe that, because of the way you're playing, team A will score over team B? So connect to the two bookmakers you use – or three at the most (as it doesn't pay to spread your investment too much) – and compare the odds they are giving to the various markets in this game.
Likewise, you will compare the bonuses that bookmakers offer to entice new customers. Pay attention to conditions, such as the rolls needed to cash out these bonuses, and use this money to refine your betting strategy. You can lose this bonus and gain knowledge that in the future will be even more valuable, as it will help you define the best strategy for your player profile.
If you prefer, leave this part for later. After all, if you are a beginner, you might not want to make multiple registrations at different bookmakers. Always adapt your strategy to your knowledge.

Tip 9 for Novice Gamblers: Play it cool

The importance of discipline has already been explained, so the same applies to time. You want to have fun, so you don't have to gamble it all at once. As lucky as you are, betting won't make you a millionaire overnight. Don't be in a hurry, let things happen. You've already done your preparatory work, now it's trusting and betting.
Discover your own pace. If need be, you can even take a break and come back another day to bet again. Don't be in a hurry and always think about the long term. Have you been lucky? Take advantage of the rewards you've already earned and have fun with a good dinner, or buy a ticket to see your favorite team playing in the stadium. Have you been unlucky? Lighten your head with another fun and come back when you feel your hunches are back on track.

Tip 10 for New Players: Bet on the Club of the Heart with Care

This will be perhaps the hardest tip to follow. After all, we always thought we knew everything about our club by heart, didn't we? But when our money is involved, it might not be a good idea to bet on our beloved team. As much as our love for the club, it can cloud our thinking. Even experienced gamblers often fall into this mistake.
You are even well informed about the club's current affairs. Know which player is highlighted and which ace misses the next game due to punishment or injury. You trust the coach's speech, who spoke several reasons to believe in the victory. But your emotions can always prevent the bet on your heart club from being coldly placed.
When you mess with your team, you only have one solution: if you're not able to make a cold decision, put the stakes aside. Understand that your desire for the club of your heart to win does not increase the odds of that victory happening.

Common Mistakes Even Experienced Gamblers Make

Throughout this article we have already mentioned several mistakes that are common in the practice of sports betting. Some are even committed frequently by experienced punters, such as hunches involving our club of the heart, as was mentioned just now.
One of the tips talks about discipline, another about budgeting and bank management... Have you stopped to notice how they are related? Let's keep it simple: if you don't have discipline and patience, if you're in a hurry to win with betting, chances are you'll end up ruining your bankroll. Because he didn't play calmly, or because he exceeded the ceiling he had set.
You just have to remember to be disciplined. You will win some bets and lose others. Defeat is inevitable. If giants like Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester City or Bayern Munich sometimes lose their games, how would you, a beginning gambler, get all your guesses right? All you have to do is maintain emotional discipline and accept that losing a bet is part of this game and part of the fun as well: let's face it, if you always won, you'd even become a millionaire, but you wouldn't have any fun.
So, be patient when betting and always on hunches supported by the good information you've gathered. Another tip, remember? Any guess can go wrong, but the better held it is, the more likely it is to succeed.
Another common mistake is to go after high odds, without attaching to the preparatory work. Yes, that team is famous, they even have aces, but if you haven't gathered the information you need, you'll be betting blindly. Is it worth risking your money just for the illusion of an attractive odd? It's preferable that you keep your focus on that league you've chosen, on the teams that you follow closely and get to know in detail.
● Take note: A very common mistake of beginning gamblers is to place multiple bets on very likely outcomes (with lower odds) in the belief that no surprises will arise. Following the odds makes sense, but ruling out a surprising outcome is a mistake.
Only then, with work and patience, will you be able to adjust your knowledge and sensitivity to your gambler profile. Don't throw it all away just because you saw a very high odds, or because you read a tip from an expert who knows as much about Brasileirão as the Polish league and the Mexican third or fourth division. If you want to be successful in sports betting, focus on what you know. And you know why you worked to get information.
Since we're stressing the importance of patience, it's worth regaining discipline again to earn money in sports betting. It's just that there will come a time when your bets won't work out. As much as you try, as much as you try to get the strategy right, one day you will have an unlucky streak. At that time, patience and emotional discipline will be essential.
By the way, what is your frame of mind as you place your bets? Decision making depends on your emotional and physical balance. Have you ever thought about it? And that applies to every decision you make in your life.
If things don't go well you will have to resist frustration. Your first instinct might be to place more bets and more impactful value in order to recover from the loss quickly. And this is one of the worst mistakes a gambler can make. Not only a beginner, also the more experienced ones fall into this mistake frequently.
If you lose, you lose. You did everything you had to do, didn't you? You got information, compared odds, threw some money into the ceiling you set... You did everything you had to do, it just didn't work. Stay focused, follow your strategy and you'll soon see your bets pay off again. And out of nowhere you regain your pleasure with sports betting.
With these warnings for common betting mistakes, you're more alert to problems you'll encounter along the way. With the 10 tips for beginning bettors to earn money in sports betting, you are prepared to place your bets conscientiously, forming your strategy to have fun while looking to earn extra income.
Now you just have to choose your favorite bookmaker, sign up for two or three that have offers that interest you, as a welcome bonus so you can test your strategy, calculate your budget and start placing your sports bets. And, you know, having fun while betting. Good job and good luck.