Betting on Tennis in the UK

Tennis is a very popular sport around the world, and the best tournaments attract millions of fans. Knowing this, bookmakers try to carefully follow all events, offering various ways to bet on tennis.
In the UK, tennis is one of the favorite sports of bettors, and the websites operating in the British market do not disappoint their fans at all, with attractive odds and up-to-date information for players to sharpen their guesses and try their luck betting on tennis .

Popular Bet Types

In tennis there are some very interesting betting possibilities. Of course you need to understand the concepts of the sport well in order to be able to do well when betting on tennis, but once you do, tennis will become a very attractive sport, especially for live betting!

Betting on Tennis on the Match Winner

This is the basic bet of any sport. It's no different in tennis, and what you need to know is that the odds take into account not only the ranking position of each athlete, but also the performance of each of them on the type of floor on which the event is played.

Betting on Tennis on Tournament Winner

In each tournament there are dozens of games for you to bet on. In the end, only one athlete will win, and bookmakers usually offer this betting possibility every tournament, particularly on the four Grand Slams.

Betting on Tennis in Sets

This is a type of tennis betting that can be very profitable for gamblers.
Let's look at the example of a Grand Slam, in men's competition: each match is composed of a maximum of 5 sets, with the player who manages to win 3 sets first winning.
There are several possible bets, from the total number of sets in the match to the march of sets.

Betting on Tennis Live

If you like the adrenaline of live betting, tennis is definitely a sport to consider. A tennis match doesn't have a time to end, and even epic turns in the result!
In live tennis betting, break the serve and service game betting are quite popular as they often offer attractive odds.

Best Tournaments to Bet on Tennis

In tennis, there are tournaments practically all year round, but the highlight of the calendar at the time of this sport clearly goes to the four Grand Slams.
The best bookmakers provide a detailed follow-up of these tournaments, both male and female, and in pairs games, offering several tennis betting options in all of them.

Australia Open

This is the first Grand Slam of the year, usually starting in mid-January. It is played in Melbourne, Australia, on hard ground.
Did you know that between 2006 and 2021 only twice the champion was not Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic (Rafael Nadal won in 2009, and Stan Wawrinka was the winner in 2014)? Look for safe houses to bet on tennis at the Australia Open.

Roland Garros

The French Open, better known as Roland Garros, is the most famous tennis tournament on clay courts.
The tournament that Spanish Rafael Nadal won 13 times takes place between May and June. Look for safe houses for tennis betting at Roland Garros.


This is probably the most famous tennis tournament in the world. Played on grass, this Grand Slam takes place every year between late June and early July in England.
It was the only tournament, of these big ones, that did not take place in 2020, due to the pandemic. Novak Djokovic has won the last three editions, including 2021. Look for safe houses to bet on tennis at Wimbledon.

US Open

It is the last Grand Slam of the year, usually played in late August/early September. On hard floors, such as the Australian Open, the American tournament was very popular in 2021 because of the surprising women's final between Emma Raducanu (England) and Leylah Fernandez (Canada), who crowned the young English tennis player, as champion. Look for safe houses for tennis betting on the US Open.

Rio Open

The Rio de Janeiro Open is the most important tennis competition in South America. The Open belongs to the ATP 500 category, that is, it counts for the world ranking, and consists of 13 tournaments that take place throughout the year.
In 2021 the tournament did not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Look for safe houses to bet on tennis at the Rio Open.

6 tips for choosing the best sports book to bet on tennis

In addition to useful information about bet types, and which are the best tournaments to bet on, you need to choose which bookmaker (or houses) to try your luck on.
There is some information you will need to review before choosing which house to bet on tennis.
You can and should register on more than one site, but it is important that you pay attention to these 6 tips:

1. Licensed sites
This is really the first point to analyze. What good is it for you to choose a site that offers crazy promotions and far above average odds, if you later fail to cash out your winnings?
Always look for sites that hold market-recognized operating licenses, such as Malta or Curacao, to ensure that the operator is trustworthy.

2. Welcome bonus
Who doesn't like to feel welcome when they get somewhere? The feeling is no different if this place is on the internet, and this is one of the reasons why online bookmakers bet on generous welcome bonuses that attract new customers.
However, it is important that you read the Bonus Terms before claiming to ensure that the offer is worth it to you. We're not all the same, are we?

3. Odds and Super Odds
The odds that bookmakers assign to events are, in addition to security, one of the most decisive factors when choosing which site to play on.
Houses that offer better odds quickly gain a good reputation with bettors, and gain more customers, which makes more money for the site.
One way that some operators use to differentiate themselves from the competition is to offer Super Odds promotions, which consist of increasing the odds of some events, making them much more attractive, even in simple and low-risk bets.

4. Transactions in pounds
Trying to choose a bookmaker that works with our currency is a way for you to protect yourself, as you are not wasting time – or money – with the exchange rate, and you always know when your guess will pay off.

5. Available Markets
The variety of markets and sports available at a bookmaker is undoubtedly an important factor in the decision to register. It is important to have several attractive sports, such as tennis and football betting, so that you always have an option to bet.

6. Applications and mobile versions
Mobility is a key principle for the entire industry, and sports betting is no exception. That's why the best bookmakers invest in responsive websites and free mobile apps, optimized for Android and iOS, which are designed for you to have the best gaming experience.


Tennis is not a complicated game once you understand the rules. In fact, it is even a very attractive sport for those who like emotion, and the best part is that, generally, it is a sport that offers very interesting odds in many betting modalities.
If you've already mastered tennis, you can start sharpening your guesses about who will win the 2022 Grand Slam. If you still need to watch some events to feel comfortable betting on tennis, be aware that there are ATP tournaments going on, and that there are some houses British betting companies even offer live streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is betting on tennis legal in the UK?

For several years, games of chance had been banned on British territory. In 2018, during Michel Temer's tenure, a law was passed that allows bookmakers to legally operate in the country. The law is still being finalized (yes, until today!), but you can legally play on sites that are based abroad.

What is the best online sportsbook?

There are several bookmakers you can and should try out. The key to success is always to choose a site that holds an international license in order to guarantee its total security.

What are odds?

In a bookmaker, odds are the quotes offered by the operator based on the probability of a certain event happening in a certain way. This means that you bet your money, and it will be multiplied by the odd offered at that time, if your guess is correct.

What is the best bookmaker to bet on tennis in the UK?

There are several bookmakers in the UK market that offer a good experience for punters who love tennis. Here at online-bets we can highlight bet365 tennis.

Can I bet on a game that is running?

This feature is called Live Betting, and it is available from virtually every bookmaker operating in the UK. In this type of betting, the odds are very volatile, as they fluctuate as the game progresses.