Understanding no deposit bonus

What if sportsbooks and online casinos offer you a way to play with real chances of winning without risking a penny, would you be interested? Of course, you would, as you should. That may well be the very definition of an offer you can’t refuse! You know, without the downside of getting into bed with some mobster and all of that.

Many operators in the market choose this offer to lure you in. Once you’re there, odds are that you will keep using their site, and that is exactly their goal. However, this is not all sunshine and rainbows, and you absolutely must read the exact Terms & Conditions, so you know what you’ll get and how.

To let you know all about sportsbooks and casinos with no deposit bonus, our team of experts has gathered all the necessary information, explaining how these offers work, the different types of no deposit bonus you may encounter, and how to claim them.


What is a no deposit bonus?

It's no secret that online bookmakers are in constant competition with each other, which requires them to sharpen their strategies to attract new customers to their sites. One of the most used strategies is to offer incredible bonuses and other promotional offers. Among them is a very special offer: no deposit bonus codes.

So, what exactly is a no deposit bonus? In short, it is a type of bonus that you can claim without having to make an initial deposit to your account. It's a benefit designed as a welcome promotion for new players, meaning you get a free balance available in your account to spend, following certain conditions. This is a great way to test the website without investing your own money.

You must not mistake a no deposit bonus casino as a free trial tool some sites make available on casino games, for example. With a no deposit bonus you can in fact earn some money, although you need to make a deposit before being able to withdraw any winnings.

At some online casinos with no deposit bonus casino, these bonuses are only accessible to those who have already made at least one deposit, even if it is just a minimal one. Follow the explanation below to understand.


How does a no deposit bonus work?

No deposit bonuses work in a very simple way: users register on the website and become eligible for the bonus. Depending on the type of bonus we are talking about, there will be different criteria to be met to claim the offer.

In some cases, you will be able to claim the bonus immediately after registration. However, some types of bonuses, such as free bets, are only offered after a first deposit is made, even if it is the minimum amount. Why does it happen? Simple, some operators prefer only to offer these bonuses to players who have already transferred funds to the site, as they are more likely to convert into long-term players. It is a way for users to demonstrate some commitment to that site.

But let’s make one thing absolutely clear: even in cases where you receive the no deposit bonus casino without first depositing money in your account, you will only be able to withdraw your profits after transferring some funds to the site. Makes sense, right? Otherwise, any user would register, play with the bonus, win, withdraw their profits, and the operator would only lose out. It’s quid pro quo, as always.


Types of no deposit bonus available

Let's look at the most common types of no deposit bonus offered by leading bookmakers:


  • Bonus in cash

This one is easy to understand: the website offers a certain amount of money for you to bet/play for free.

Commonly, the amount is not high, and it’s only available to bet at some selected markets or played at selected casino games. Always check T&C to know where on the site you can use the bonus.


  • No deposit bonus casino: Free Spins

Free spins are a common type of no deposit bonus casino that may involve a deposit. This happens because they are mostly used as a combined offer in other welcome bonuses that do require a deposit. Although, you may find some casinos with no deposit bonuses right after registration.

Usually, this offers comes in lots of 20, 30, 50, 100 or even more free spins. However, it is rare that these free spins can be used in all casino games on the website.

Commonly, online casinos with no deposit bonuses pre-determine specific games where you can play. Remember: always read the T&C.


  • Free bets

This type of offer is very common, but it is also usually only offered after the first deposit. That is, you register on the site and put some money there (it can be the minimum amount, no problem) and then the operator offers the free bets. Each operator defines its rules, meaning they determine in which sports and markets you can use these free bets.

Fear not: most operators include football and horse racing in available markets to bet, as they are two of the most beloved sports in the UK!


  • Cash back bonus

Would you like to receive a bonus that covers your losses? That's exactly what cash back bonuses do. These bonuses usually are reserved for users that have a previous track record betting at the website, as a reward for their loyalty.

Of course, you shouldn't expect them to cover all your losses - it will probably be somewhere in the 10-30% range. But hey, better than nothing, right?


In a nutshell, no deposit bonuses are great, a win-win situation for both gamblers and operators.

Just be sure to read the T&C before claiming an offer.


How to claim a no deposit bonus in the UK?

Rest assured, claiming this kind of bonus is not as complicated as you might think! Operators really want you to use the no deposit bonus codes and other promotions they are offering – and have fun doing it – so you can be happy and satisfied with them and keep using the website. For that reason, they don't usually make things too difficult.

Here are some of the steps needed to get a no deposit bonus:

1. Create an account

“Thank you, captain obvious.” Although, it’s not just fulfilling the form they ask you to. In most cases, you need to complete the authentication process – meaning, confirm your identity – before being able to claim the bonus.


2. Claim the bonus

As we are talking about a no deposit bonus, you will often have to apply for it, either by accepting it during registration or by looking for it under the “Promotions” menu on the website.

 Many sites offer the casino bonus and sports betting bonus separately, so be aware of this detail and claim the one that is most interesting to you.


3. Enter no deposit bonus codes

Usually, operators provide a code you must enter on the website to get the bonus. Make sure you check your e-mail, so you don’t miss the message.


Different sites have different rules on these bonuses, so you need to…what? You guessed it: read the T&C! We just can’t stress this enough, as you will encounter so many claims online written by users who simply just didn’t read them when claiming an offer.


Should I claim a no deposit bonus?

It is often advantageous to claim a no deposit bonus, but you should choose to only claim bonuses that best suit your gambler profile. That being said, let's look at the pros and cons of no deposit bonus:


Pros of no deposit bonuses

- No risk of losing your own money;

- Possibility to earn real money without having to deposit a penny;

- It's a risk-free way to try out a new site;

- And to become familiar with new games, eliminating the risk of losing.


Cons of no deposit bonuses

- Restricted to a certain type of bets and specific casino games;

- High rollovers;

- Need to make a deposit to withdraw your winnings.


How do gambling sites profit from this type of bonus?

Bookmakers are not stupid nor a charity and don't just want to give away free money, that much is clear to all of us. However, they do know that they need to attract new customers to keep the business booming, and these offers are tailored to accomplish that goal.

A no deposit bonus is just a way to attract new customers and then retain them and earn even more in the medium/long term. In other words, the website offers money to attract users, hoping that they will continue playing there even after the bonus ends.

It is true that it may not work with all customers, but it has been proven that it works with enough people, so they not only get their investment back but also make more money in the long run.

In the end, the strategy ends up being advantageous for both sides, as the customer has the possibility to play or bet for free and the website gets new customers.


Other bonuses available in the UK

There is a whole range of promotional offers that you should know about to enjoy and maximize your winnings by playing online. We introduce you to the most common ones on the market below:

  • Deposit bonus – it is a common offer as a welcome bonus. The website offers a percentage of the amount the user deposits in his or her account. The percentage is quite high, but it always has a limit.
  • Reload bonus – is the offer of a certain fixed amount after you make a deposit. It is common for operators to offer these bonuses to their best customers.
  • Monthly Bonuses – Specific promotions by month. A common example at online casinos in December is the offer of free spins on Christmas-themed slot machines.
  • Weekly Bonuses – Same dynamic as monthly bonuses, only offered each week.
  • Boosted odds – it’s a promotional offer in which bookmakers reduce their profit and increase the odds on certain bets.


Almost all players in the iGaming industry have at least one bonus offer available at any moment. The difficult part is to find an offer that fits your gambler profile! Whether is a no deposit bonus or any other kind, remember to always read the T&C so you know what rules apply to the offer you’re claiming.



1. What is a no deposit bonus?

It is a promotional offer that gives you free cash or credits at an online casino or sportsbook without having to previously transfer any funds to your account.

2. Can I withdraw a bonus without a deposit?

Almost all operators require you to make a minimum deposit before being able to withdraw any winnings.

3. Is it possible to claim a no deposit bonus without using a code?

Most operators require you to enter a promotional code to claim a no deposit. However, some don’t require a no deposit bonus codes, so it is possible, just not common.

4. What kind of no deposit bonuses are there?

The main types of no deposit bonuses are cash bonus (free money), cash back bonus (refund), free bets (at the sportsbook) and no deposit bonus free spins (at the casino).

5. How do operators make money with this type of bonus?

Bonuses are incentives to attract and retain players. They are a marketing strategy designed to obtain a return in the long run.