Football Betting in the UK

Football is the greatest sport in the world, no one doubts that. In the UK, sport is a national passion that infects millions of fans who fervently live every football match.
A good fan doesn't do without a good bet too, does he? So all football entertainment ends up being experienced in an exciting way in the world of sports betting. The betting world generates gains, so it is not surprising that every day, this universe increases, conquering more and more Brits.
In this article, we've put together everything you need to know to have fun betting on football, from what types of bets to choose the best place to bet. If you are a beginner don't worry because following our advice you can't fail. And if you fail, let your loss be very small so you don't end up ruining your bankroll.
Add extra excitement to the game with your hunches! Maybe get lucky and earn some extra cash in time to buy an official T-shirt for Christmas?

Football Betting - Popular Bet Types

Football is a very simple game to understand and follow. The rules are universal and well-established, and we're sure you know everything about the sport. Here at online-bets we want to help you take advantage of this knowledge to bet on football and earn extra money through sports betting.
There are a few types of online football bets that you can choose from, depending on your preference, your goals, and of course your bankroll. Let's see then:


This is the most basic bet type of all. Here, you only have to bet on football and hit the general outcome of the match, that is, whether the home team (1) wins, the visiting team (2), or whether the game will be tied (x). This is the most common form of betting, and is guaranteed to be an option on any football betting site.

Double Hypothesis

As the name implies, this is the type of bet where you choose two of the three possible outcomes of the game, win by one of the teams, or draw. In other words, you can choose that the home team wins or there is a tie; that the visiting team wins or there is a tie; or that one team or another wins, excluding the hypothesis of a tie.
This is a lower risk bet and naturally offers lower odds for betting on football as well.

Hit the result

Another popular option for betting on football is to try to get the final result of the game right. The most common guesses (as they are also the most common results) are 1x0, 0x1, 1x1, 2x0, according to statistics.
Generally, these types of bets offer attractive odds, particularly if your guess is for a more uneven outcome.

Goal Scorers

Are you that person who always hits the player who scores? So that's your type of betting! You just have to choose the top scorer in the game, and hope that he scores the goal.
The odds on this type of bet are very much influenced by the athlete's performance in previous games, and you can even fine-tune your guess by betting on how many goals he scores.
Know that if the player doesn't get to enter the field, the odd will be equal to 1, that is, it doesn't invalidate your chances if it's inserted in a multiple bet, but it decreases the value (because the odd is neutralized). However, we advise you to check the squad and the starting 11 to be able to bet with a greater degree of certainty.

Live Betting

Betting on football while the game is on is one of the preferred options for punters, including the British. The adrenaline of everything being able to change gives an extra thrill that many players appreciate.
In this type of bet you can use the statistical data of the match that bookmakers always provide to fine-tune your guess. By betting live, you can benefit from very attractive odds as the game unfolds.


Handicap is an English word for handicap. In the world of online football betting, handicaps are a betting option where you choose to assign a disadvantage to the theoretically stronger team or an advantage to a theoretically weaker team, to increase the odds and your potential winnings.
There are two types of handicaps: European and Asian. Both have their betting lines, and in the case of the European, it only works with whole numbers, unlike the Asian, which goes further. However, in the Asian handicap, you can only bet in favor of one of the teams, and you cannot choose a tie (this option is allowed in the European handicap).

Best Leagues to Bet on Football

Every country has its own football league. Depending on the bookmaker you choose, you will have different championship options to bet on.
To bet on football, if you know a league well, it will be easier to get your guesses right, so in online-bets we suggest you prefer to bet on leagues you follow, particularly if you choose more complex betting forms.
There are some Leagues that are practically mandatory for any football betting site, due to their media coverage, in addition to their familiarity for the British bettor.

Libertadores – Betting on Soccer in South America

The Copa Libertadores is another very popular competition in the UK. This Cup, disputed among the best clubs in South America, has a lot of international projection, and is one of the international club competitions in which sports betting sites invest heavily to offer their customers all the information and statistics.

European Champions League – An international football bet

Talking about highly mediated international club competitions, it is mandatory to mention the Champions League, a European club competition that is the most mediated in the world.
Some of the best clubs in the world participate in the tournament, with several world football stars on the field, including some British players.

Premier League – The most profitable league in the world

Football was born in England, and its main league, the Premier League, is the most profitable football league on the planet, and one of the most profitable in the world of all sports.

Liga Portugal – Increasingly popular among British punters

The championship in Portugal revolves a lot around teams from Benfica, Porto, Sporting, and, in recent years, also from Braga.
The competition there has always been popular with the British, and has been gaining even more expression in recent years, which aroused even more interest for other clubs in Portugal.

6 tips for choosing the best sportsbook

Knowing how to bet, and what to bet on, all that remains is to choose where to bet on football. Here at online-bets we gather the best tips for you to make a conscious and informed choice, which allows your focus to be exclusively on entertainment and potential earnings.
Here are 6 tips to help you decide which sports bookmakers are worth it to you:

1. Betting on football always on licensed sites
Here at online-bets we only recommend that you play on sites that hold an international license to operate in the sports betting market. Licenses from Curacao and Malta are the most common, and ensure that houses are trustworthy.

2. Bet on football with the best welcome bonuses
Most bookmakers offer welcome bonuses for their customers. Sometimes they may look similar, but you should read the Terms carefully to choose the one with the most advantageous conditions for your player profile.

3. Bet on football with the best odds and super odds
Every bettor looks for the best odds on the market to monetize their hunches. There are houses that offer better odds than others, but sometimes the variation is minimal. That's where the promotions offered by bookmakers come in, such as super odds or increased odds. Basically, they are events in which the odds are improved, even the lowest, making the bet very attractive.

4. Give preference to transactions in pounds
Many sites on the market work with more than one currency, and even offer the possibility for you to choose which one you prefer. However, we recommend that you always prefer to use the Pound, to avoid making the exchange – and losing money in the process!

5. Pay attention to the number of markets available to bet on football
This one is pretty obvious, isn't it? The greater the diversity of markets and sports that the house offers, the better. Not only in football betting, but also in other sports, such as tennis, formula 1, volleyball, and others.

6. Applications and mobile versions for football betting
In the UK everyone has a cell phone (practically). Therefore, it is very important that the site is responsive when accessed from a cell phone, ensuring the best experience for the user.
Knowing this, many sports bookmakers offer free apps, for Android and iOS, which are fully optimized to make it very easy to navigate and place your football bet.

Why bet on football?

The sports betting market is growing in the UK, not only in the number of operators present in the country, but mainly in the number of people interested in putting their hunches to the test. Football, the king sport, is without a doubt the main sport on any website, and now that you have all the information on how to place your bets, all you have to do is register with a house and start winning with your guesses!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is betting on football legal in the UK?

For several years, games of chance had been banned on British territory. In 2018, during Michel Temer's tenure, a law was passed that allows bookmakers to legally operate in the country. The law is still being finalized (yes, until today!), but you can legally play on sites that are based abroad.

What is the best online sportsbook?

There are several bookmakers you can and should try out. The key to success is always to choose a site that holds an international license in order to guarantee its total security.

What are odds?

In a bookmaker, odds are the quotes offered by the operator based on the probability of a certain event happening in a certain way. This means that you bet your money, and it will be multiplied by the odd offered at that time, if your guess is correct.

What is the difference between European and Asian handicap?

The difference is that in Asian handicap betting and options there is no possibility of a draw. Despite this, the Asian handicap offers more options for football betting, and is considered to be more complex.

Can I bet on a game that is running?

This feature is called Live Betting, and it is available from virtually every bookmaker operating in the UK. In this type of betting, the odds are very volatile, as they fluctuate as the game progresses.