How to choose the best sportsbook in the UK?

The UK is an important country for the iGaming industry. Not surprisingly, there are an enormous number of operators offering sportsbook options online making it hard for users like us to find the best betting sites.

The first good news about this issue is that we don’t need to choose just one. In fact it is smart to register in more than one sportsbook. The other great news is that you don’t need to scroll over the endless Google results to understand everything about sportsbooks to decide: you just need to read this complete guide our experts prepared for you!

In this article, you will find all information you need simply put, and before you know it you too will become an expert in analysing betting websites.

Choosing the best sportsbook for me

The process of choosing the best sportsbook for ourselves is quite simple but shouldn’t be taken lightly. It's your money that is at stake, and online betting sites must guarantee the best benefits for you, otherwise, why would you register there?

So where can you start? You need to answer a few questions that will help you select the right operator for you.


  • What do you look for in a sportsbook?

Knowing your preferences is critical to finding out which online betting sites offer what you're looking for. Do you only bet on football, but enjoy betting on several markets? Or do you prefer to bet on multiple sports? Are there any sports you really want to have available, for example, cycling or e-sports? Make a list.


  • Do you like to bet live?

The best betting sites offer live betting options, but not all of them have that option. Some only provide live bets in certain markets, and others have a more extensive offer. You must have your preferences well defined to find the perfect sportsbook.


  • What payment methods are most convenient for you?

This is one of the most important questions you need to answer. What does it matter that the sportsbook you choose offers live bets in the Premier League if you can't withdraw your winnings using your e-wallet? How are you going to deposit money if you only use Skrill, and a certain operator does not allow you to use it? Define what is most comfortable for you.


  • Draw your red lines

If you still don't have your preferences well defined, or you are a gambler who likes to experiment, you should ask the opposite question, namely: what don't you like? Do you know those things that make you mad? Well, it's important to know which ones are they, so you don't waste your time registering at online betting sites that will make you regret it.

It is common for users to draw their red lines on payment methods, for example.


  • Read our reviews

Now that you know the parameters you're looking for, it's pretty easy to find the perfect site for you to bet. Just check out the experts' reviews of the best sportsbook here at and find out which ones offer everything you want to have fun playing online.


Analysing a sportsbook operator

To analyse betting sites, we must consider several aspects to determine whether is it worth registering

To find a website that is safe and provides hours of fun is an important mission, so we share with you the key features we too look for on a sportsbook:

  • Security and Licenses

Always look for licensed operators. As we explained above, the British Gambling Commission is one of the most respected in the world and you should look for websites that have passed their requirements to operate in the UK.

  • Diversity of the offer

The diversity of the sports available to bet is another important factor, especially since the operator you choose should have the sports you like to bet on the most.

  • Betting options available

Betting options are just like money on our wallets: the more the merrier. Look for online betting sites that offer more options in the sports and markets you prefer.

  • Live betting option

More and more websites offer live betting options, but the sports in which it is available vary from operator to operator. Always choose based on your preferences.

  • Mobile version or app

The best sportsbook must offer a mobile version or an app that runs smoothly on your mobile phone or tablet without any problems.

  • Payment methods available

Never hurts to remember: the payment methods available on each website are different. It is important to pay attention to this, especially if you use electronic wallets and crypto currencies. The best sportsbook is the one that offers a wide variety of ways to deposit and withdraw.

  • Bonuses, VIP programs and rewards

Everyone likes a good bonus or promotional offer. Look for betting websites that offer bonuses relevant to your user profile. For example: if a website focuses its bonus on casino games and you just like to bet online, probably that operator is not a right fit.

  • Reputation within the industry

We know that is easier to find bad reviews than good ones on the internet because people are most likely to complain than praise something. Nevertheless, read the reviews available on the internet, separating those who didn’t read the T&C of the website from legitimate claims. Knowing what we’re getting into is of paramount importance.


4 bulletproof tips to find the best sportsbook

We want you to find the perfect sportsbook. To help you with your search, we've put together 4 tips proven to work by many of our readers.


It all comes down to your wishes

That's why the questions we’ve listed above are of utmost importance: recognizing what your desires are, what types of bets you like, which markets you prefer, as well as any other features you consider important, makes your choice easier.


Test several sportsbooks

In your search for the best sportsbook, you don't need to test just one option. In fact you can test different betting websites, taking advantage of different bonuses and promotional offers. Registering on multiple of the best betting sites helps you know your preferences and ensures there is no market you can't bet on or any casino game you can’t play.


Resist the temptation of incredible bonus

Pretty much all sportsbooks have bonuses and other promotional offers you can claim. Some will have the best offer available today, but tomorrow another site may have an even better offer.

It's smart to choose a site that offers a lucrative bonus, but never at the cost of what you look for in a sportsbook.

Therefore, you mustn’t make your decision based only on promotional offers, but on the combination of bonuses with the features that suit your preferences.


Read expert reviews

Our experts worked hard to gather all the necessary information to help you find the best sportsbook. These evaluations are made so that you don't waste a lot of time looking for information or must go through a negative experience until you hit the jackpot and find the ideal site for you.



1. Is it legal to bet online in the UK?

The UK Gambling Commission is one of the most respected institutions in the iGaming industry, issuing licenses to operators guaranteeing they comply with all of the international regulations and best practices in the field.

2. Is it safe to bet online?

Betting websites are as safe as any other activity, just as long as you only use trustworthy websites.

3. What are the most popular sports to bet on in the UK?

It would be more than an educated guess to assume that football is among the most popular bets in the UK. Alongside it, horse racing, greyhound racing and tennis are also super popular in the best betting sites in the UK.

4. Can I bet on more than one sportsbook at a time?

You can and you should! By registering at more than one best sportsbook you will be able to claim several bonuses and promotional offers and take advantage of the best features of each operator.

5. What is a rollover requirement?

The rollover determines the number of times you have to wager the bonus amount you received before you can withdraw your winnings. For example, if a website offers a 100% bonus with a 2x rollover and you deposit £100, that means you will have to make £100 worth of valid bets before you can withdraw your winnings.